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Located in Mobile, AL, our team at Choice Innovations collaborates with various prominent non-profit organizations on a local and national level. By extending our support towards our clients, we assist them in expanding their outreach programs, ultimately working towards a better future for our community.

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Collaboration drives our fundraising organization. We support our partners and help create a collective force for positive change in our community.

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We believe in collective action. By partnering with nonprofits, we help them reach more individuals in need and build a stronger, resilient community.

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At A Family In Need, the organization’s mission is to empower families facing adversity, promoting strength, resilience, and unity. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for families dealing with challenges such as cancer, autism awareness, hunger, and financial hardships. By offering a range of resources, compassion, and advocacy tailored to each family’s unique needs, they aim to create a lasting positive impact and foster connections that go beyond momentary relief. Through their multifaceted approach, including financial aid, educational initiatives, and community outreach, they strive to build a holistic support system. To learn more about this inspiring charity, click their logo.

Heartfelt Thanks from A Family In Need: A Letter of Gratitude

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Our Services

We specialize in event promotions for non-profit organizations. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating impactful events that attract a wide audience and generate maximum exposure for your cause. Let us help you make a difference and achieve success with your next event.

Brand and Organizational Management

We collaborate with local and national non-profit organizations to support their efforts in expanding their outreach and achieving their goals.

Management Training and Solutions

We prioritize our team's growth by offering internal promotion opportunities and targeted training for event coordinators, brand ambassadors, and managers.

Event Services and Coordination

We extend the reach of traditional outreach by taking our clients' causes live. We work directly with the community to organize events in multiple formats across Mobile.

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is an individual who identifies and addresses social problems through entrepreneurial principles and practices. They are driven by a deep concern for the well-being of society and strive to create positive and sustainable change.
What sets social entrepreneurs apart from traditional entrepreneurs is their primary focus on creating social value rather than purely financial returns. They aim to improve the lives of individuals and communities by implementing innovative approaches that can lead to systemic change.
Social entrepreneurship combines the passion and vision of social change with the innovative and strategic mindset of entrepreneurship, resulting in the creation of sustainable ventures that tackle our most pressing problems.

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